Andrew is a regular performer on the trumpet and piano, utilising electronic effects to extend the sound of both in live and studio settings.  Whilst predominantly working as an improviser, his performing career has also included pop, blues, salsa, jazz, classical and musical theatre work; this has taken him to venues around the country, including festivals such as the Cheltenham and London Jazz Festivals, and the Love Supreme Festival.

vLookup Trio

The vLookup Trio is comprised of some of the founding members of the vLookup collective: Andrew Hall, Rich Perks and Tom Atherton.  Together they explore pieces which combine pre-composed material with improvisation in styles that range from avant-garde noise to funk-rock, whilst also pushing the sonic possibilities of a trio instrumentation by incorporating effects and live electronics.


Mimika is a large ensemble led by Croatian composer and saxophonist Mak Murtic, in which Andrew plays lead trumpet.  The ensemble, which Andrew has also written for, combines folk music traditions from around the world with a kind of space-based Balkan futurism, all interpreted through the lens of ritualistic jazz-rock grooves.  Performing regularly around London and at jazz festivals across the country, their other-worldly live shows are an experience not to be missed.


Other groups Andrew is regularly performing with include: