“[I] was hit right between the eyes (ears) with one of the coolest pieces of the festival, the world premiere of Andrew Hall’s ‘Under the Skin’ …  Utterly surprising and delightful. Big band licks in a contemporary context or contemporary licks in a big band context. Either way, it was cool.”

Michael E. Karman, Asymetry Music Magazine, 2010

dolphy excerpt
 (excerpt from the score to ‘Dolphy’ for solo bass clarinet)

In his compositions Andrew has sought to explore the points of convergence between the composed, improvised and interpreted.  In doing so his pieces utilise variations of notation, including text and graphic scores, also extending into electronic real-time scores.

This same exploration has led Andrew to develop pieces in collaboration with community and educational groups, such as the Rutlish School Band, The Essex Symphony Orchestra and at Abingdon School, where Andrew is currently Composer-in-Residence.

Use the player below to hear some of these pieces, or follow the links for more information.




  • Bloom – for soprano, soprano saxophone and violin (performed by White Flower at St. Stephen’s Church, Lewisham)
  • The Attack Sound – for Arcadio
  • Ambient soundscape for the Outpatients Waiting Area at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, produced for CW+


  • The Sun in the Night (for David Turay) – for Mimika (performed at The Spice of Life, Soho)
  • In Aeternum Cantabo – for Symphonic Wind Orchestra, featuring solo flute and trumpet
  • Second City – for clarinet and string quartet (performed by Frank Griffith and the Bowfiddle quartet, at the 2015 String Quartet Festival at the Pizza Express Jazz Club)


  • Tunf – for electronics
  • Splend – for electronics
  • The Soldier – with the Rutlish School Band
  • The Sick Rose – for Mimika (Performed at The Spice of Life, Soho)
  • Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind / Wedding is Great Juno’s Crown – for Abingdon School production of ‘As You Like It’


  • The Calcium in their Bones – 4 part suite, for big band (performed by the Mirrors of Hall)
  • Three Lorenz Perspectives – 3 part suite, for improvisers utilising the M-Word Engine score system
  • The International Project – 5 part suite, with the Rutlish School Band
  • The Lord of the Flies – incidental music, with the Rutlish School Band


  • Kafka’s Wound (Live) – online streaming installation
  • Tear Gas – for big band (performed by the Mirrors of Hall)
  • The Number of the Beats – for big band (performed by the Mirrors of Hall)
  • Tribute to John Barry – for big band (performed by the Mirrors of Hall)
  • Camomile – for improvisers (performed by the vLookup collective at Brighton Festival 2012)
  • Dolphy – for solo bass clarinet (workshopped at Brunel University by Marij van Gorkom)


  • Duress – for improvisers (performed by CoMA London)
  • Marconi Echoes – written in collaboration with the Essex Symphony Orchestra, as part of the PRSF 2010-11 ‘Adopt-a-Composer’ scheme
  • The Planets Revisited – workshop piece devised with the Abingdon School Lower School Orchestra
  • Volcanicity – for improvisers
  • Together in Different Places – for three trombones


  • The Turnaround – for improvisers (performed by CoMA Southwest)
  • Mandelson – for improvisers (performed by CoMA Southwest)



  • Under the Skin – for big band (performed by the Bohuslän Big Band, Gothenburg 2009 as part of the ISCM World New Music Days Festival)
  • Bristol (Pro-Cathedral Lane) – for soprano, clarinet and percussion (written for and performed by Gemini)


  • Pastoral – for large orchestra (shortlisted by the Society for the Promotion of New Music)