On the Edge of Your Spring

Way back in 2019 I made this brass quintet arrangement of one of Sasha Ilyukevich’s songs, ‘On the Edge of Your Spring’. Underpinning Sasha’s voice on this recording is the beautiful playing of Benjamin Day on Trumpet, Siân Collins on French Horn, Rosie Turton on Trombone, Chris Barrett on Tuba, and myself on slightly-less-beautiful-but-passable trumpet – all of which was recorded by the inimitable Dave Bryceland at Stable Studios in East Ham.

It was released in March 2020, but perhaps became overshadowed by other events around that time. This week I got to do another recording session for Sasha, my first time playing live with other musicians since March, and it reminded me how enjoyable this brass quintet session was. I hope we get to do it again soon.