Arcadio – a new project

I’m very excited about a new project of mine – ‘Arcadio‘, not least because it involves the exceptional talents of JJ Stillwell, John Macnaughton, Mak Murtic, Seb Silas, Tom Atherton, Paul Love, Ben Zucker and others.  It’s based on a concept I’ve been dwelling on ever since I first came into contact with Salsa music in London (as a performer with La Rebelion, and later with Salseology and Combo Yanze) – could I combine this unstoppable musical force with my love of free improvisation, which had the power to be equally fiery and unpredictable?  This ensemble seeks to explore that question, in combination with my more recently developed interest in electronic music, with the aim of creating long-form hypnotic pieces which blend the fierce energy of Salsa and Cumbia, the delicate unpredictability of improvisation and the cut of modern synths.

Check out my new page for the band here for upcoming gig dates and recordings, or you can follow us on Facebook.