The Mirrors of Hall

The Mirrors of Hall is a big band formed in 2011 to perform Andrew’s new PhD research works.  These began from the starting point of experimenting with the notion of the big band ‘backing’, a written figure which can influence the development of an ongoing improvisation.  From this, the work of the ensemble expanded to confront the challenges of incorporating ‘free’ improvisation within written works, resulting in the development of specific notational approaches and the development of an electronic cueing system.

However, such was the appetite for this kind of ensemble that the band quickly became a resource for many young composers to write for, leading to premieres and concert showcases for Alex Paxton and Andrew Linham.  These new works expanded the size and scope of the band further, incorporating vocalists and narrators alongside the regular 17-strong line-up.

Use the player below to hear some live recordings of the band in action, or scroll down to see live videos.